Littl by Lilit creates simple, comfortable clothing for kids and their mums.

Lilit Aisha Jacobina Teresa Patji Djanga Razal Heinzmann was born in Berlin and raised partly in Rome. When she was nine, her mum took her to India for three months. The experience must have made an impression because when she decided to create a kidswear line in 2009, she knew where she had to do it.

Littl by Lilit brings opposites together — German Minimalism with Indian decorative arts, bold graphic patterns with the subtlest of hand-worked details.

As result of her ongoing passion for traditional wood block print, Lilit Heinzmann creates unique patterns for her collections for each season. This gives Littl by Lilit’s clothes and accessories the distinctive look and feel that appeals across borders, cultures and generations.

The garments are designed to be worn over a long period, starting with an airy oversized look and taking on a more fitted appearance as children grow.


Our fabulous wood block printer in Jaipur is a strong team of craftsmen, run by Gitto and her brother Tingu who gave their incredible knowledge to their workers and students now for more than 40 years.

Improved working conditions for artisians and craftsmen by creating new facilities with ergonomical designed workstations, proper lightening, good ventilation and above all — fair wages.

They come together with other local companies to share resources, reduce their usage and develop more efficient processes that will protect the environment and leave clean water for the future generations.

All fabrics are hand block printed according to Fair Trade standards in India. Any further production steps are Made in Germany.