Littl by Lilit Jewelry is here!

We’re excited to be launching Littl by Lilit Jewelry alongside the S/S 2013 collection. Pictured here is one of six necklaces we’ll be offering, each based around a different semi-precious gemstone (in this case, peridot). In India, each stone is said to have its own special effect when it touches your skin.  Hand-cut in Jaipur, the necklaces come sized for kids (14 stones) or adults (19 stones). Can’t wait to try them all!

Fabric Info

All fabrics are carefully selected and are 100% cotton.


Voile cotton

Voile is a soft, light weight fabric with a plain weave.

It is mostly used for summer clothes.


Poplin cotton

Poplin is a strong fabric, mostly used for shirts and dresses.

It is easy to iron and does not wrinkle easily.


Twill cotton

Twill is a type of textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.

It is thick and soft fabric at the same time.

Ideal for spring and autumn clothes.


Gauze cotton

Gauze fabric is a warm and soft fabric.

It is perfect for scarves and cozy baby items.